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Dreamcatcher's Sir Koda | Patrol | Search & Rescue | Narcotics Detection     Dreamcatcher's Sir Koda | German Shepherd | Sable
Dreamcatcher's Sir Koda
Patrol | Search & Rescue | Narcotics Detection | Land & Water Cadaver Recovery

This magnificent German Shepherd shared much of the same bloodlines as Ammo Von Hader Hof.  Koda was the most intelligent working dog I've ever had the pleasure of training and was surprisingly agile for his size.  Extremely gifted with versatility and devotion to perform any task before him.  A gentle giant who willingly worked alongside you no matter the weather conditions nor circumstance.  He loved to ride helicopters for off shore oil rig drug detection and was at home on any type of water craft when working water cadaver recovery.  Truly an asset for any law enforcement agency.  Koda's legacy lives on in the
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